Current Projects

Look here to find information on current projects happening in our community to enhance your water service. 

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Star Mountain Ranch Subdivision Phase II

A new subdivision is being built on CR 358 with 160 lots from 2 - 5 acres.  Phase 1 is 102 lots and is currently on sale,  Phase 2 is 58 lots and is under construction. 

Update 3/10/24:  Phase 1 is complete and homes are under construction.  Phase 2 roads and water lines are being installed.  There are currently 5 homes under construction in Phase 2.  Water Plant #4 is under construction to support Phase 2 which includes a pump house, a pressure tank and emergenct generator. Water Plant #4 should be on-line in the next 30 days.  

Well #5 and Plant #3 - IN PROCESS

SMWSC has received a grant from Smith County for the development of Water Well #5 and water Plant #3.  We are in the process of preparing a site to drill a test well at the northern end of our CCN. This new well and plant will help offset the continued growth in our area which is projected to more than double our customer base and water demand.  Once a site has been secured and a test well has proved to provide adequate water with good quality, this project will be updated.

Update 3/10/24:  The decision was made to drill Well #5 at the Plant #1 site and to build Plant #3 and the current Well #3 site. Engineering has been selected and RFP's will be prepared to begin drilling and construction.