Current Projects

Look here to find information on current projects happening in our community to enhance your water service. 

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New Work Order and Inventory System (In Process)

SMWSC has begun implementation and testing of a new Work Order and Inventory system.  Work orders can now be entered on-line and immediately sent to the Smart Phones of our water operaters.  A physical inventory is in process to load into the new system.  As work orders are completed, any inventory used in the work order will be reduced from inventory and tracked.  The system also allows for scheduled events, asset management, and warranty and service tracking.

Veritatis Splendor Project (In Process) UPDATE

UPDATE 8/24/21

SMWSC is working with Texas Pump and Controls on the community water distribution at VS.  Field Data Collection is completed for the 6" water main extension and the design and bid packets are in development.  VS has signed off on our proposal to them and committed to their financial portion of the project.


In February of this year, SMWSC was approached by an organization (RCI) planning to build a Christian community is our water service area (CCN).  You can learn about this community here.  This community is north of FM 16, and is currently planned for 70 homesites, educational facilities, recreational facilities, and a facility for prayer and worship.

We are in the early stages of discussion and planning with RCI on the logistics and costs of providing water service to this community.  Groundbreaking has already taken place for the community, and they are moving forward with construction.  They hope to have water flowing to the community by the end of this year.

Stay tuned for updates

Water Well #4 Project (In Process) UPDATE

UPDATE 8/24/21

Construction on a drive into the Well site is underway.  Cherokee County Electric is preparing to bring the needed power to the site.  A tree service has been contracted to remove trees that pose a threat to the Water Well equipment.  Drilling should start in the next few weeks.  Financing has been committed to fund the project.  Design work and bids for the main line extensions from the new Well to Plants 1 & 2 should be ready in the next 2 weeks.

Over two years ago, Water Well #2 became infected with iron bacteria.  This rendered Well #2 unusable.  Despite several efforts to eliminate the iron bacteria at a significant cost, Water Well #2 could not be recovered.  Water Well #2 was SMWSC’s deepest and highest volume well.  The Board of Directors immediately began a search for a new well site.  Although several sites were located, test wells and water sampling revealed high levels of iron bacteria.  A new well site was finally acquired (at a cost of $55,000.00) in the North Pointe sub-division.  Water samples from the test well drilled there resulted in high volume, high capacity, and high-quality water.

We are currently clearing the land for the well and preparing to lay a six-inch main line from the well site to Water Plant #1.  Drilling should begin in about 6 weeks.  Total cost for this well with the connection to Plant #1 is estimated to be upwards of $450,000.00.  Due to stringent testing requirements and required approvals by TCEQ, we hope to have Well #4 on-line before the fall.

Stay tuned for updates.